Washington Park Velodrome – Operational Rules

2022 Season – Tuesday Night Racing

General Rules     

  • Tuesday Night racing at The Washington Park Velodrome is permitted through USA Cycling.
  • Helmets are required when riding your bike on the track, including the warm-up circle.
  • Only fixed gear track bikes in proper working order are allowed for racing on the velodrome.  No brakes, no quick release wheels, no aero bars.
  • Riders shall at all times be in firm control of their bicycle and have at least one hand on the handlebar.
  • Nightly races will be posted in advance.  But, are subject to change based on attendance or weather.  Race Directors may add, change, combine, split or delete races at their discretion.  
  • No Smoking, vaping, alcohol on the infield.  * City ordinances
  • No dogs allowed in infield during racing.

Event Registration

  • Washington Park Velodrome accepts cash, checks or credit card(for added fee) for fees, numbers and/or registrations.
  • Registration opens at 6:00pm and closes at 6:50pm.   Racing begins at 7:00pm.
  • Nightly Race Fees – Adults $20, Juniors $10, Cat 5 is $15. 
  • Liability & Medical Release Waiver – Complete & Sign one per season.
  • Active USAC License is needed to compete in races on Tuesday nights.  
  • Racers may compete in as many events as eligible (category, junior, master).  Race category will be determined by USAC.  New racers will be placed in Novice Category 5.
  • Race Number Fee is $25. (Nightly number rental is $5) That number will be used all season long.
  • Per USA Cycling, both numbers must be worn and clearly visible when racing, one on the right and the other on the left (clearly visible to officials).

2022 Fees

Men’s Category 1/2/3/4 $20 

Women Category 1/2/3/4 $20

Men’s and Women’s Category 5 $15

Juniors $10

Juniors racing Category $20

Category plus Masters $25

2022 Race Numbers $25

2022 KVR Membership Donation $10

Rain Out Policy

  • Weather cancellations will be determined by the Velodrome Race Director and Chief Referee.  When it is clear that it will be raining at the race start, the decision to cancel will be made as early as possible and posted to websites & social media.  
  • Race entry fees may be refunded for rained out events.  At the Race Director’s option, refunds may be in whole or in part, in cash or credited to a future event.

Nightly Prizes

  • Additional prizes/payouts may be added for special events.
  • Payouts will be adjusted according to number of riders in field (3 riders-payout out 1st place, 4 riders-payouts outs 1st and 2nd place, 5 riders-payout 3 places)
  • Categories with less than 6 riders may be combined with other categories.
2022 Payouts per race for regular races
Entrance Fee




Less than 10 riders
1st 2nd3rd
Men’s Cat 1/2$20$20$15$10$6$4$12$10$8
Men’s Cat 3$20$15$10$6$8$6$4
Men’s Cat 4$20$12$8$6$6$5$4  
Men’s Cat 5$15$0$0$0$0$0$0
Women’s 1/2$20$20$15$10$6$4$12$10$8
Women’s 3$20$15$10$6$8$6$4
Women’s 4$20$12$8$6$6$5$4
Women’s 5$15$0$0$0$0$0$0
Masters 40+$5$15$10$6$8$6$4
Masters 50+$5$15$10$6
Juniors 9-10$10$4$2$1
Juniors 11-14$10$5$3$2
Juniors 15-18$10$6$4$3

Season Prizes

  • Racers will be accumulating points (9, 7, 5, 3, 2 points) for 1st-5th place in each race and 1 point for everyone that finished the race.Overall results 2022 
  • If races are combline, racers will score points in their category
  • Categories earning points – Category 1/2 , 3, 4, Women, Jr. 9-14 and Jr. 15-18
  • Racers who upgrade during the season, carry ½ of their points to the new category. Up until week 8, after week 8 ¼ of upgrade points will be carried over.

Rental Bikes

  • The Velodrome has a limited number of track bikes available for nightly rental.  Bikes are available on a first come, first served basis.  Bikes can be rented for $10 a night.  
  • Equipment may not be switched out on the loaner bikes for any reason, except for pedals.

Officials Instruction

  • We will follow the rules and regulations of USA Cycling.
  • Rider meeting will be held before racing.  All riders are expected to attend.
  • Here are some examples of incidents or infractions that the officials will watch for:  Improper numbers or numbers in the wrong location, unnecessary or unauthorized equipment (quick release, aero bars, rear mirrors, race computers), chopping a rider in the sprinter’s lane, grabbing or pushing another rider, passing on the apron, “sweep” moves up and down the track to block other riders, abusive or unsportsmanlike behavior.
  • Juniors must adhere to their age gear restrictions during junior races.  
    • 17-18: Unrestricted
    • 15-16: 6.93 meters (22’ 9”)
    • 13-14: 6.45 meters (21’ 2”)
    • 9-12: 6.05 meters (10’1/4”)
  • Juniors must be at least 13 years of age to race in category races.
  • Lapped riders may be pulled by the Chief Referee, in any race.
  • The blue band is out of bounds, you may not advance your position while riding on the blue band.
  • Interpretation and enforcement of all rules and regulations are at the discretion of the Chief Referee and Race Director.
  • Digital Lap counter will show LL to signal Last Lap

Track Etiquette – Safety First!

  • Look before entering the track.  Watch for fast moving, oncoming riders.  
  • Hold your line, both during warm up and in the race.  Look before moving up or down the track.
  • The faster rider is responsible for passing safely.  Slower riders are responsible for riding in a straight line and allowing faster riders to pass predictably.
  • One meter from the top of the track is reserved for riders accelerating for flying starts.
  • Racers must be prepared to race when their event is called.  Unless there is a reasonable mechanical problem, the race will not be delayed and the racer may forfeit their participation in that race, with no refund in fees.
  • Racers will conduct themselves appropriately and follow the instructions of the race promoters and officials.  Rude or offensive comments or actions will not be tolerated. 
  • At the conclusion of a race, all racers must promptly exit the track on the back stretch, into the warm-up circle.  The next race will be taken to the track on the home stretch, from the warm-up circle.
  • Always LOOK both ways before you cross the track.
  • Young juniors are only allowed in the sprinter’s lane between 6:30-6:40pm.


  • As mishaps sometimes happen, if after such an event, an EMT says that you need to go to the ER to get checked out – and you refuse to go – then you are not welcome to race until you have a doctor’s approval.
  • Additionally, after a crash, one should not return to racing until the EMT confirms that you are stable and a Race Official and/or Race Director has determined that your bike is in safe working order.

Special Race Rules

Washington Park Keirin

  • The riders shall be held at the pursuit line, but not pushed by assistants.
  • Rider number one must follow the motor for one full lap.
  • Motor will pull out with a lap and half to go in the race.
  • Keirin – 5 total laps (3.5  laps with the pacer) 1 lap – 24 MPH,  2 lap – 29 MPH, 3 lap – 31 MPH


  • Must have at least 5 teams to have races
  • Sprints for points shall be held in the same manner as a points race. 

Miss and Out/Elimination

  •  A miss-and-out concludes when there are three riders remaining, followed by a neutral lap, then the bell and a three-up sprint to determine the final placings. 
  •  An elimination race concludes when there are two riders remaining, followed by a two-up sprint.

All other races

  • Refer to USA Cycling rules