Please watch your children and make sure they know, understand, and follow the rules. Safety is very important, we do not want to see any one get hurt and that is why we have the rules.

1. Helmets are required on both tracks at all times by all riders.

2. All bikes and helmets must have a safety check done prior to signing up to race the first night.

3. Counter clockwise direction around both tracks at all times.

4. Do not stop on the track, ride into the grass and stop, that way no one will get hit from behind by another rider.

5. Ride in a straight line on the track, please do not swerve up and down the track, so no one gets cut off or hit.

6. Stay above the blue line at all times, if you are passing please go up and around the rider and make sure you are past them before coming back down, do not go below the blue line on the bottom of the track to pass another rider. This rule will be fully enforced and could result in disqualification for the point’s races.

7. Racers will receive a trophy or participation award if they race at least 5 nights.

8. Hands on the handle bars at all times.

9. Have fun and respect the other riders on and off the track, foul language will not be tolerated. We would like to see all racers be friends and congratulate each other when the race is done, we can’t always win so be happy for another racers success.

10. We have a special opportunity for the points winners of 9 and 10 year old boys and girls, they may win the use of a track bike and the first year of membership to the Kenosha Velosport Racing team paid. Ask for details and fill out a signup sheet if you are interested.

To help ensure everyone is safe we will be enforcing the rules with the following steps.

1st Warning with the parent and child

2nd Talk with child and parent and loss of one (1) point

3rd Talk with child and parent and loss of five (5) points

4th Talk with child and parent and denied from racing for one night.

5th The child will not be allowed to race for the rest of the season.

If you have any questions please ask one of the staff for Monday night.